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The following organizations are working to protect treaty rights and the environment in the Great Lakes region. The viewpoints expressed in the film are not necessarily the viewpoints of these organizations.

Bad River Watershed Association

The BRWA is a growing group of people who recognize the unique beauty of the Bad River watershed, the strength that it brings to the lives of those who live there and the need to make sure decisions on how to use land within the watershed are made with the best available knowledge concerning how those decisions alter watershed resources.

Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority

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The Chippewa Ottawa Resource Authority (CORA) is established by the Bay Mills Indian Community, the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, and the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians for the purpose of ensuring the conservation and wise utilization of the natural resources reserved to the Tribes in the Treaty of March 28, 1836. Under the CORA charter two committees were established. The Great Lakes Resource Committee serves as the inter-tribal management body for the 1836 Treaty fishery, and the Inland Lands and Waters Resources Committee oversees inland resource matters.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

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CELDF believes that we are in the midst of an escalating ecological crisis, and that the crisis is the result of decisions made by a relatively few people who run corporations and government. They believe that sustainability will never be achieved by leaving those decisions in the hands of a few – both because of their belief in limitless economic production and because their decisions are made at a distance from the communities experiencing the impact of those decisions. Therefore, CELDF believes that to attain sustainability, a right to local self-government must be asserted that places decisions affecting communities in the hands of those closest to the impacts.

Earth Guardians

The Earth Guardians are a tribe of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe, stepping up as leaders and co-creating the future they know is possible. Their mission is to create a resilient movement with youth at the forefront by empowering them as leaders and amplifying their impact.

Federation of United Tribes

The Federation of United Tribes is a new organization. Based on the beliefs and traditional views of the Indigenous People of the U.S., their purpose is to unite all Indian Tribes, Nations and Bands on environmental concerns and crucial issues that affect all indigenous peoples. Respect for all living beings on Mother Earth is common ground that we all share. Two factors: the Treaties made with the U.S., and the Protection of Mother Earth are the founding elements of this Unification. The Federation will provide an opportunity to unite around the treaties protecting Mother Earth and Tribal Rights for the next generations.

Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness

Many factors threaten the wilderness character of the Boundary Waters including haze, noise, logging, mining, development, fire suppression, and loss of native species. Leading the effort to protect and restore the BWCAW from such threats is the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness. The organization formed in 1976 to protect this vulnerable area. Today, the Minneapolis, Minnesota based organization of 3,000 members is a sentry against further harm in the BWCAW and the Quetico-Superior Ecosystem. By partnering with other conservation groups and activating its membership, the Friends ensures that a “voice of wilderness” is always heard during policy debates.

Water Legacy

WaterLegacy is a nonprofit environmental rights organization based in Duluth focusing on threats to water posed by the mining industry. They work to protect Minnesota’s waters and communities that rely on them, particularly from the proposed PolyMet/Glencore sulfide mine and attempted water quality standard rollbacks

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